Videos and Recordings

Video Records of the Silent Knights Project 

In this video clip the bells are prepared and lifted from the frame ready to be lowered to the church floor

The bells are now lowered to the church floor where they were open for public viewing before being sent to the foundry

The bells are moved from the church and loaded onto a lorry and were transported by road to J Taylor& Co in Loughborough

Before the bells the were returned to St Mary's some of them were tuned so that the whole peal were in harmony

The bells, new wheels, and ther re[lacement parts were sent by lorry from the foundry back to the church for rehanging

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The bells are given a floral decoration and placed on public view. There is a short service to bless the bells

The Tenor bell is carefully lifted into its correct place in the bell frame and a side frame, removed for access, is replaced

The final bell is lowered into the bell frame. The temporary access hole in the belfry floor can be closed.

The stays, wheels and other ancillary parts are re-fitted before the ropes are attached and the bells are ready to ring

The bells are checked by experts and test rung. Here is a short clip of the test ring on

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